The Mouth and Body Connection

Regular appointments with Goldenberg Family Dentistry are not just good for your teeth and gums, but also good for your entire body. Recent studies have indicated that there is a direct connection between your oral and overall health.

Taking care of your teeth and gums is much more than pleasant breath and a nice smile. Although the real nature of the link between your mouth and your body isn’t quite clear, there is evidence that supports the claim.

Diabetes and Oral Health

Physicians have known for a number of years that people with type 2 diabetes are more susceptible to periodontal disease. This connection became even more evident in 2008 when researchers from the Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health conducted a study with 9,296 participants who did not have diabetes. The researchers measured their levels of periodontal bacteria over 20 years and discovered that people who had a higher level of periodontitis were two times more susceptible to develop type 2 diabetes than people who had little or no gingivitis or periodontal disease.

While more of this type of research is needed before it can be concluded that diabetes is caused by gum disease, there are quite a few theories as to why this could be case.

One theory is that bad mouth infections will lead to inflammation throughout the body, which will create problems with your ability to process sugar. With so many inflammatory molecules present, it could be possible that some will attach to the insulin receptors while preventing the cells in the body from using the insulin properly.

Heart Disease and Oral Health

Just as there is a connection between oral health and diabetes, some believe that there is also a connection between cardiovascular problems and poor oral health. Although there is no conclusive evidence, a study that was conducted in 2005 found that of the 1,056 participants who were selected, there seemed to be a relationship between heart disease and gum disease. One theory is that bacteria can enter your bloodstream when you are chewing. If bad bacteria enter your blood vessels because you have gum disease, dangerous blockages could occur leading to cardiovascular disease.

Gum Disease and Pneumonia

There has been a link between pneumonia and poor oral health with research conducted on elderly patients in a 2008 study. The chances for pneumonia were 3.9 times higher in patients who suffered from a periodontal infection. Bacteria from a diseased mouth can aspirate into your lungs, which could cause pneumonia, or could aggravate chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, or COPD.

If you believe you may be suffering from gum disease it is imperative that you schedule an appointment with Goldenberg Family Dentistry who can determine if you have a healthy mouth, or if you are in need of gum disease therapy. Call and schedule your appointment with Goldenberg Family Dentistry today.


About Jessica A. Goldenberg, DDS

Dr. Joel Goldenberg started his dental practice after graduating from the USC School of Dentistry in 1983. He is committed to excellence in dentistry. Dr. Goldenberg is a member of the CDA (California Dental Association), ADA (American Dental Association), AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry and is a member with the Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Society. Dr. Goldenberg is well-known for educating his patients and involving them in the diagnosis and treatment planning process. He is very conservative, honest, and appreciates the artistic side of dentistry. For the past five years Dr. Goldenberg has traveled to Honduras with his wife and other local physicians and nurses to provide medical and dental care at a free clinic. Dr. Jessica Goldenberg was born and raised in Ventura, California. She attended the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and the University of Southern California (USC) for her undergraduate studies. She graduated from USC with her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. She continued with the Trojan Family at the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Goldenberg was the recipient of the prestigious Rex Ingram Award for Excellence in Clinical Operative Dentistry. She is a member of the California Dental Association (CDA), American Dental Association (ADA) and the Santa Barbara- Ventura County Dental Society. Dr. Jessica loves working with patients of all ages, especially families and children. It is important to her to make pediatric dental visits fun and enjoyable. She also enjoys making beautiful smiles with cosmetic dentistry. She prides herself on always being honest and providing conservative dental care.
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